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How to order your custom made costume.

How To Order a custom made costume

1. Lead Time

At SBD we take a very hands on approach to each costume piece, so we usually require at least 6-8 weeks notice for an individual costume, and 8-12 weeks for team costumes (depending on the team size).

If you require a costume in shorter lead time, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are certainly happy to accommodate you as long as our schedule and capacity permits*.

* A rush feeof 20% may be applied.


2. Cost

The costume cost will vary based on a few factors; design, material, diamantes, lead time, etc.

Team costumes: Start from $150
Individual costume: Start from $150

We are happy to work with your budget and to suggest alternative options to keep the cost down for you


3. How to choose the right design for you

There are a few things we will take into consideration when it comes to the costume design…

  • Dance Style: Is it Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Samba, or ???
  • Feel of the music/choreography
  • Colour scheme
  • Your strength and weakness; what would you like to accentuate? What would you like to hide?


4. Order Process

  1. Initial contact: If you have an event or due date in mind, please contact us ASAP. Even if you haven’t decided on the design, we can secure our schedule with a non-refundable deposit (which will be used towards the final cost).
  2. Consultation: We discuss the design and the quote. This can be done via E-mail, Social media or in person (Sydney only).
  3. Deposit*: Once you are happy with the quote and the timing, we will ask you to pay the deposit.
    *Until the deposit is paid, we cannot confirm your order.
  4. Measurements: If you are from interstate we will send you our measurements sheet and instructions on how to take the measurements.
  5. Fitting (Sydney only, unless pre-arranged): Costume base will be ready & any last minute alterations to the design will be made at this point.
  6. Final payment & delivery/pick-up of finished costume.